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Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is why...

Obligatory disclaimer...

Here's an example of what bothers me most about the efforts to battle AGW and "climate change."

Great causes lose out to climate fight

By Paul Berton

... all scientific field and survey work by the Canadian Wildlife
Service, charged with studying and protecting wildlife in Canada, has
been stalled.

The Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Network, responsible for noting changes ecosystems, has lost 80% of its budget.

The Migratory Bird Program, which monitors bird populations for signs of trouble, has lost half its budget.

A program that protects nationally significant habitats for wildlife and birds now gets nothing from a former budget of $1.9 million.

With so much money, time and effort being re-routed to fight a questionable cause with questionable results, many useful programmes are sacrificed. These are just a few environmental programmes, but there are many others unrelated to climate that are also being effects.

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