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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another link dump

Obligatory disclaimer...

Some interesting reads...

Fallacies of Global Warming
This one looks full face into a lot of basic assumptions we have, including many I had myself before I started doing my own research.

Carbon Dioxide and Global Climate Change: Separating Scientific Fact from Personal Opinion.
Read this one when you've got some time on your hands, as it's quite long. Highly informative.

British Truck Driver Sues to Ban Al Gore's Film from Schools (op ed)
Lorry Driver in Challenge to Gore School Film (article)
The interesting thing about this case is that the gentleman in question isn't a "skeptic" at all. He rightly points out that partisan politics doesn't belong in schools, not just ethically, but legally.

ABC's Liberal Weatherman Touts Emotional Benefits to Carbon Offsets.
This op ed includes a transcript of the show in question. It's almost embarrassing to read, they're so misinformed. Just as an example...
Ed Begley Jr. (Living With Ed): "Coal is a natural gas, but there's a lot of coal burned in this country to make kilowatts."

Coal is a natural gas, is it? *shudder*

Serious Dough
An article about the effects "green fuel" subsidies are having on food prices.

On a similar note:
Biofuels: is the Cure Worse than the Disease.
This is a 57 page pdf you can download and read at your leisure (hah! sorry. Leisure. That's a good one... :-) )

Here's a couple for all us breeders that are destroying the earth...

Global Swarming: Is is Time for Americans to Start Cutting our Baby Emissions
Having Large Families 'is an eco-crime'

You know, only a generation or two ago, a "large" family had 10 or more kids. Now, a large family is anything more than 2, and now we're supposed to feel guilty for even having that many!

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