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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Interesting quote...

I find all sorts of gems at Junkfoodscience. Though Sandy Swarcz write about health issues, I see many parallels to things like AGW alarmism, such as this:

It’s gobs easier to plant a scare, than to convince people of the science countering it. Those who understand this natural brain process take advantage of it to manipulate public opinion. They know that whoever makes the first scary claim gains the upper hand. And for the media, fear sells. Saturating the media with a scare and giving it more attention creates the added perception that it’s a real threat. Balanced information barely gets a word in edgewise, nor is it likely to be believed. As one commenter noted, if a publication shows something is risky, then it agrees with people’s concerns, “but if you publish showing no risk, you are funded by the Sinister Conspiracy!”

Check out the rest of her post. Fascinating reading.

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