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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Movie review: episode one

Obligatory disclaimer...
The girls and I have just finished watching the first disk (The Human Fingerprint) of The Great Warming, a 3 episode/dvd series.

In other words, we just spent that last couple of hours arguing with the tv. It's not actually that long, but we kept pausing it for discussion.

Just to give you an idea, this is how the episode starts. In the foreground you see faces of a sad little boy, then a sad teenage-ish girl. In the background are images of industries spewing clouds of pollution (at least the sepia tones make it look like pollution) into the air, etc. A child's voice sings

It's raining, it's pouring
The temperature is soaring
The air is thick, the ocean's sick
I won't wake up in the morning.

That pretty much sets the tone for the movie.

Narrated in Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves, it seems to be Canada's answer to AIT. I'd originally thought it was older, but from the site, it seems to be quite new. I've yet to find an actual year of release, other than a dated quote from a NYTimes reviewer.

It was aggravating to watch. It's a mix of truth and inaccuracies. Things are being blamed on global warming that never have been before (including a medieval famine, which Eldest pointed out was caused by a combination was a downpour, a late spring, and unusually cool temperatures, leading to crop failure. Population density made it worse with the spreading of disease). I was also perturbed by how they seemed to use the terms carbon and carbon dioxide interchangeably. CO2 is a green house gas. Carbon isn't a gas.

All in all, the movie was pretty much what I expected, though I was hoping for at least some balance. The earth will soon fry to a crisp, and it's all our fault.


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  1. Shame on you and your heathenistic carbon-spewing ways! All obey the word of our High Pries- I mean mister Gore!
    No, not cynical, just tired.


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