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Monday, November 02, 2009

What did people expect?

For months now, headlines have been screaming about the dangers of H1N1.  Government officials, medical personnel, and more have been telling us to get vaccinated as quickly as possible.  Even those not in high risk categories were being told to get the shot, because they might still be carriers.  While there were a few calm voices, the overwhelming message was one of panic.

Then, once the vaccine finally becomes available, frightened people line up for hours, only to find the clinics have run out of vaccine.  Everyone seems to be angry, scared and...


Seriously, folks.  How could anything else have been expected?

We've made no attempt to get vaccinated, and probably won't.  My husband and half his office has probably already had it, at which point, getting the shot is useless.  Even if we were planning to, we sure as heck wouldn't have tried to get it as soon as the vaccine became available, for the same reason we never go to movies on opening night - crowd avoidance. 

But it's so much more fun to point fingers at everyone else and play the blame game.


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