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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Link Dump: the death of AGW alarmism?

Fascinating to see which media are or aren't talking about the hacked data showing that yes, AGW really was a manufactured lie.  With that in mind, here are some links to look at what you might not be finding anywhere else.

Global Warming Fraud Exposed has a number of links to follow.
Climate Depot has, at the moment, a great many stories to check out.
Watts Up With That, the blog alarmists love to hate, has plenty of good stuff.
Tom Nelson, as always, has lots of links to all stories climate related and is frequently upated.
Climate Realists is following the stories, too.
Icecap provides even more.
And you can't miss Mann's nemesis at Climate Audit.

Enjoy reading.  Me?  I'm going to start cooking for a pioneer themed dinner we're hosting tonight.  Canadian prairies, pre-1850, settler.  Researching for this has been quite fascinating.  A lot of people starved because they couldn't grow the foods they'd brought with them, due to the short growing season and cold.  Those that didn't know how to hunt or couldn't buy/trade for food from local Natives or nearby forts were often in dire straights.  Almost no grains of any kind, few vegetables, wild foods limited by season, difficulties preserving food for the winter.  I couldn't help but see the irony of how nutritional deprivation was such a danger because they only foods they had were local and seasonal - which is what we're being told we should be doing for the sake of the environment.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about the menu. My daughter tries to buy local which means lots of cabbage & carrots this time of the year. ;)

  2. I'm all for supporting local first, but there's a point when it no longer makes any sense. That and, with our world being so "small" today, I think people forget that trade is more than just about material goods.

    The dinner turned out really well. I'll be writing a post about it here, but will go into more detail on my home school blog, once I've gone through the photos I took to include there, too.


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