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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some random thoughts...

Just taking a bit of a break, going through my news, procrastinating because I really don't want to go digging around in the kitchen and starting supper...

Ignatieff wants at least 20 minutes with Obama

You know, I'd really like to give Ignatieff the benefit of the doubt. I'd love to give him a chance. Unfortunately, the more I read about this guy, the less I like him. He seems to be egotistical and completely out of touch with Canadians in general. I am totally unimpressed with his habit of making demands and apparently assuming that, just because he things things should be done one way, the powers that be should do what he says. Take this article I linked to above. Since Harper, as opposition leader, got to talk to Bush back in 2004, Ignatieff thinks he should get to talk to Obama during the upcoming photo op... er... I mean, visit. He's even saying what he plans to talk about with the president.

Memo to Ignatieff: Who the h*** to you think you are, making all these demands? You're not the Liberal leader yet. You're not the leader of the opposition. You are the INTERIM leader. Yeah, I know - no one's bothering to run against you, but until you're officially sworn in at leader in May, you're just there to keep the seat warm. You are in no position to demand anything, and you certainly don't represent anyone, since no one's had the opportunity to actually, you know, VOTE FOR YOU as Liberal leader.

Then there's this story.

Charest condemns Plains of Abraham threats.

I was aware of the infantile whining from the separatists about a proposed re-enactment of this historical battle. It's absolutely silly. These sorts of re-enactments are done for many different battles and no one reads any insult into them. They are HISTORICAL RE-ENACTMENTS. But not the separatists. Oh, no! These people are still chewing their livers over a battle lost by the French 250 years ago. To them, re-enacting this battle is an insult.

As if that weren't bad enough, I read this.

Mr. Charest suggested that separatist groups were to blame after invoking the possibility of violent confrontation with radical federalists if the federal National Battlefields Commission had gone ahead with the re-enactment.

The Commission decided on Tuesday to cancel the event because of the safety risk it said the historical re-enactment would have posed for spectators and participants alike.

WTF??? People were actually *threatening violence* over this? How idiotic can they get? Just how pathetic does a person have to be, to get to this point? Hullo, people. The battle was 250 YEARS AGO! The French lost. Get over it. Better still, be grateful that they lost to a nation that allowed them to keep their own language and culture; an anomaly for conquering nations. Conquerors were often more interested in wiping out their foes, and/or restricting their freedoms so much, they'd never be a threat again.

Bah! Enough.

Time to stop procrastinating and start supper.

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