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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Falling into place

All the details of the move are falling into place. My husband was able to get the afternoon off on Friday, so we've changed the time we've booked for the elevator for something earlier, which also gave us a longer time slot. I've got a time booked for the move in inspection, which means we get our keys Thursday morning. The girls and I will start hauling boxes over with the car pretty much right away.

Tomorrow will be our last day of cooking before the move, and we'll be using disposables for eating and drinking, which will allow me to completely pack the kitchen, other than what's in the fridge. It will also be our last day of nothing but sorting, getting rid of a few last things and packing. Once we have the keys and can start moving things out, we'll be able to start at least a bit on the cleaning, but I'm not too worried about that at this point.

My darling husband was also able to convince the leasing office to schedule the move-out inspection to the first. The weird part about that is that they kept insisting they couldn't change the time because it was their policy - that we had to be out by noon on the last day of the month, as they didn't have staff available for an inspection later in the day. My husband pointed out that we were paid up for the month, not the month minus half a day. He also told them that if they insisted on this, then we weren't going to bother coming back to clean the place, and might not bother being there for the move-out inspection at all.

That's when the person looked up our apartment in their system and discovered that the new tenant won't actually be moving in until the 2nd.

Funny, how they were suddenly willing to accommodate us.

So this will give us a full day to clean an empty apartment, which will make life SO much easier. It'll reduce the cleaning time by a huge amount, not having to work it around stuff. It will certainly make it better for us physically, as we will have time to get a good night's sleep after we move everything out and at least unpack our bedding, rather than have to come back in the evening, then again in the morning. I know only too well how tired we're going to be!

I also made arrangements with them to do the carpet cleaning, rather than us phoning around to find a company. I've been asked to let them know when we're done our cleaning, and they'll take care of the carpet after that. Another detail I no longer need to worry about.

Which means that this will be my last post here for a few days. The next post I make will be from our new home.

It's going to feel so good when it's over.

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