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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Empty walls

A bit more progress on the move today - there's only so much you can do before you're looking at stuff that you'll actually need to use before actual moving day. Since we've been in a semi-permanent state for the last 3 years, I've reached that level rather quickly.

One of today's big jobs is to clear the walls. (The other is cleaning the oven... grumblewhinesnark) I'm just sitting a bit to let the blood return to my arms. The joys of being short. ;-)

Right now, all I've got left on my walls are a few hangers that will have to wait until my much taller husband gets home, a clock and a calendar. Everything else is white.

No more posters, maps, photos, paintings by my daughter... it's all blank.

Blinding, empty, white walls.

The same white our bedrooms will be in the new place.

Well, at least the rest of the place won't be white.

Now to find ways to pack stuff. Things that have frames and glass get wrapped in the linens. That way, I pack up two areas at once, and I don't have to buy special packing materials to protect my breakables.

Then it's back to the oven.

It's going to be SO good when we get to the point that I can just pack everything and not pick and choose what has to wait.

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