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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shiney and new!

I am now posting this entry on our new computer! What a difference, that's for sure.

The last few days have been spent setting everything up, including moving the old computer to the kids' room (there's not enough room to have both in the living room, then setting up the LAN, and trying to transfer our stuff from the old computer to the new one. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to network them together - the default password to do that isn't working, so it'll have to wait until my husband can call someone during office ours. The new computer has memory card readers built in, though, so my husband has been loading some stuff onto memory cards from our digital cameras using the memory card reader he bought some time ago, then simply popping the card into the new computer. It doesn't work for quite everything, though. I've managed to get my bookmarks by having them emailed to me. LOL I still don't have my email address book, though. All in good time.

A couple of things didn't get changed. The kids get to have the stylish, skinny keyboard that came with the system. I was not about to give up my ergonomic keyboard! LOL The monitor has built in speakers and the sound really sucks, so we kept the old ones and the girls get to use a spare set we had lying around.

Oh, and now that we have a system that can use it, we picked up a scanner/printer again, too - and this time, we could actually install it! LOL It is soooooooooooo nice to have a printer that doesn't grab a half inch of paper at once and try to print on it. :-P I gotta tell you, we're sure hanging on to our reciepts - between claims and rebates, we'll be getting a fair amount of the cost back. Which is good, because this stuff cost way more than we can really afford. :-P

As for now, time to go an install some more stuff I need on this thing, and hope the software isn't too old to work on XP. We've already had a few that won't work on the new computer, though they're still working fine on the old one, so it's not too convenient.

Time to go play! :-D

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