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Friday, September 22, 2006

Power Bars

Tonight, my shift at the grocery store ended *before* closing, for a change. As I was getting my purse out of my locker and starting to head out, my cell phone beedled at me. My husband had sent me a text message, asking me to pick up a few Power Bars. I thought this was rather strange, as they are rather gross, but I figured he had a reason. So, off to the pharmacy section I go and pick up a few.

When I get home, my husband asked me if I picked up the Power Bars. I said yes. As I was handing him the bag, he asks if I picked up 1 or 2. I told him three. His face seemed rather perplexed as he took the bag from me. Into the bag he looks, then asks me if I checked my text messages. Yes, I told him. You asked me to pick up some Power Bars, so I did.

It turns out he meant power bars, not Power Bars - as in the things you plug into, not the things you eat. He and the kids picked up a new computer today (yay!) and we need power bars to be able to set it up.


I pointed out to him that I work in a GROCERY STORE. Of course, I'd think of a food item rather than an electrical item! LOL

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