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Friday, June 03, 2005

Starting over

Today's a day I seem to be starting over on many fronts.

In a few hours, I start a new job for the summer. I will be working nights, which is perfect for this night owl personality - except that I should be sleeping right now, and I can't. More on why, later.

I'm starting a new blog. The last one's gone. Blogging allows a certain level of anonyminity. I don't mind some people knowing who I am, but others - bye bye blog! Time to start over.

I'm going to be moving soon. It can't be soon enough. I just got a "visit" from my mother today. I found out she was here when I was awakened by a noise outside my window. She was "gardening" for me. She continued to wreak havoc outside the house, which doesn't look too hot right now, since a broken lawnmower and none I can borrow has meant the lawn still hasn't been cut this year at all. Then she came inside (she owns the house - it's not like I can keep her out) and went in to check the water in the basement, saw the mess down there and started calling me and my kids "lazy Indians" repeatedly (my husband is Metis, and to her, calling someone Indian is the worst of insults) before storming out, leaving me in tears and my kids thoroughly disjusted with her. I haven't been able to get more than about an hour's sleep since then. My husband is already gone with his new job and it'll be a few months before the girls and I can join him. I can hardly wait.

On learning about my new job and the hours I'll be keeping, some family members have asked/offered to have the girls stay with them during me "week," then bringing them home on my "weekends." They are being picked up tonight, so in a way, I'm starting over again as a "single." No husband, no kids. Just me and the cats! This is going to be so weird!

New job, soon new home in new province, and soon well away from the most toxic person I've ever known in my life - my own mother.

I like starting over.

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