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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So how's the weather for ya?

Schedule change. A new co-worker having one last day of training, another co-working having her last day of work while training him, so I get a day off in the middle of my week. There's only ever 2 people working a shift, except for when a new person is training. I kind of like that. I don't mind having more co-workers, except that I've noticed that the more there are, the greater the internal politics becomes, and I don't play those games. Besides, the customers are a lot more fun. :-D

After a few sunny, rain free days, hopes were dashed by yet another severe thunderstorm a couple of nights ago. It started where we were at about 3:30 am - it had started raining well before that, but things really went crazy by then. One of our newspaper delivery people came in with our papers and ended up staying. She couldn't see to drive and was totally soaked just from getting from her car to the door she parked next to. Finally, after an hour, she left anyways, hoping she'd be able to finish her route. The rain wasn't coming down as hard as when she arrived, but it was still as heavy. We were "lucky."

The area only got a few inches total. Just a lot of flooded basements. The RM guys have been working all night, trying to pump the water out. It just doesn't have anywhere to go. Everything's saturated. I remembered seeing one farmer's field on the way to work where he'd cut his first hay. With how things are expected to be for the next while, I doubt it'll dry before it starts to rot. :-(

Still, we were rather fortunate. Other areas got worse floods than we did, plus flash floods, washed out roads - even a sink hole.

The fishermen are doing well, though. With all the extra water, the fish are hanging around the area longer than usual. The season is technically another week and a bit longer, but most years, they're done by now. I haven't been seeing as many of them because it's been still raining during my shifts, with just a few hardy crews were coming through. Hitting that lake during a storm is pretty dangerous, though. Between it's huge size (although the town I work in is located at a fairly narrow part of the lake, the opposite shore is just barely visible on a clear day) and shallowness, it's quite unpredictable. Throw in the waterspouts that occasionally happen, and it definitely makes life interesting!

This morning, we seemed to have missed yet another thunderstorm. I heard it go by to the south at about 4 am. I really feel for the people at the southern end of the province. They've got it much harder than where I'm living.

Forget "go west, young man." These days, it's "go north!"

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