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Sunday, June 26, 2005

... as time flows and the winds blow...


Well, it's been a while. Strange. You'd think, with the kids gone and the house to myself, I'd have more time to write here. Nope. That's not how it's turning out.

When I get home from work, dh is at his office, so I go online to chat with him on MSN. Now, I've got about 4-5 hours between the time I get home and the time I need to get to bed. That *should* be lots of time spent doing things around the house. Instead, I find I'm spending most of that time talking to dh on MSN. Sure, I stop to make and eat supper and a few other things, but I still end up on my ass in front of the computer for far too long. Then I go to sleep. At 9 pm, as prearranged with dh, he phones me and we chat a bit more. Not too long. More to touch base and for his peace of mind. Then I'm off to work.

When I've got my nights off, the kids are here. I find I'm not doing much during the night because I don't want to make too much noise and wake them. Instead I...

yup. Spend too much time on the computer. *sigh* Well, except for the times when yet another thunderstorm blows threw and I shut everything down. We've been having a lot of those lately. Another one blew through this morning shortly after 4 am. I keep thinking the lone spruce tree behind our house is eventually going to end up on the ground. With the prevailing winds right now, if that happens, it'll land right about where we park our car. Hmmm. Either that or on the living room roof, which is also partly over the kids' current bedroom. Hmmm again. Were it my tree, I'd probably have cut it down by now and replaced with with something that doesn't grow quite so tall.

Meanwhile, I've learned that I'm *not* going to have a room mate after all. She's decided to move back to the city early, instead. That's probably for the best all around.

Work is going all right. I'm not making too many mistakes. *L* I must admit, though, this job shouldn't be as much hassle as it is. It's the paperwork thing. Cashiers should NOT be doing bookkeeping, to start with. Plus, some of it shouldn't need to be done at all. The problem is that they've got an old POS system that doesn't do half of what it should. I mean, there is *no* reason for there to be a seperate touch screen to handle credit and debit purshases, point redemtion, etc. And if people paying cash need a reciept (like many of the fishermen do), the till doesn't automatically print one out. Not only that, but the reciept it *does* print out doesn't have the info they need for their taxes. It has to be manually put through the touch screen so a seperate reciept can be printed out. It's a real time waster.

A lot of the info I have to keep track of seperately could - and should - be done far more efficiently by the computer system. Far too many man-hours is being wasted having cashiers do paperwork. It's innefficient, prone to errors, and in the long run, probably costs them a lot of $$.

Ah, well. It's only for the summer. :-P

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