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Friday, June 28, 2013

Link: YouTube is Breaching my Rights...

YouTube is Breaching my Rights by Forcing me to Promote the Redefinition of Marriage – Xt3 Library
Here is my problem - because I have a YouTube channel, I am now promoting the redefinition of marriage through my YouTube channel, against my will, because this rainbow heart appears on my channel.

YouTube claims to be “a place where all communities can feel proud to express themselves and connect through video.”

What about the communities that want to promote marriage being between a man and a woman?

In one of my gmail accounts, I opted to recieve the odd Youtube email.  Usually, they include about 9 videos of potential interest.

Yesterday I got one promoting "pride."  It had 19 videos, all extolling the joys of being gay.  It's all about loooooovvveee dontcha know.

Of course, how many people will dare object?  After all, if you have any objection, it must mean you hate gays or are a religious bigot.  There is no in between allowed.

Well guess what, Youtube?  I don't hate gays, but I do hate having destructive behaviour promoted as being all sunshine and rainbows.  It's not about "love" no matter how determined the activists are in defining the issue their way.  The bigotry and intolerance is from the activist side, and that now includes Youtube.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Grand Experiment...

Liberal Indoctrination in Canada's Schools

The indoctrination extends past the curriculum and into extracurricular activities. Gay-straight alliances (GSAs) have become more and more common across Canada and have been pushed aggressively by left-wing provincial governments. But these too are unnecessary. The TDSB's 2006 survey found that body image, academic performance, language background, race, and culture were more likely than sexual orientation to cause students to feel unwelcome from school activities. Only 1% of students felt unwelcome based on their sexual orientation. On a list of 10 factors, sexual orientation was found to be the second-least likely cause of bullying (after Aboriginal background). Sexual orientation was also the least likely factor for students to feel that school rules had not been applied fairly to them. The left loves to claim that the reason for GSAs is to build tolerance and curb bullying. If these were their real goals, they would be promoting white-black alliances, muslim-infidel alliances, rich-poor alliances, able-handicapped alliances, ugly-attractive alliances and stupid-intelligent alliances before they got to gay-straight alliances.

Interestingly, I know Liberal homeschoolers who keep their kids out of school because they think our  public school system is too conservative/Christian.

In case you're interested...

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6.5 million People and 30 years; Traditional Marriage is Still Tops

NOMblog: New Danish Study of 6.5 Million: Health Benefits of Marriage are Unique to Male-Female Unions

During 2000 to 2011, Danish male-female married couples were the healthiest and least likely to die at various ages compared with individuals who were unmarried, divorced or widowed. In contrast, same-sex married men in Denmark were no healthier than unmarried men. Same-sex married women had much higher mortality rates than other women, including the ones who were unmarried, divorced or widowed. There was no apparent marriage “benefit” in terms of better health or longer life for these same-sex married women.

I find it curious that, in so many studies, outcomes are so much worse for lesbian couples than any other group, except possibly single mothers.