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Friday, November 18, 2005

A lie repeated often enough...

...eventually will be perceived as truth.

Right now, anyone in Canada who doesn't know we're in election mode is either living in isolation, or in denial. Like all pre-election campaigns (official or not), the lies of our current government are already out in full force. With our PM first ridiculously admonishing the opposition parties for "politicking" (uhm.. excuse me, but you folks are politicians. Politicking is what you do!), then turning around and doing exactly the sort of manipulating he accuses them of doing, what else is new?

What alarms me is the fact that so many people still actually believe anything the Liberal party says, and that there are people who will actually vote for them. How can that possibly be? Here we have what has got to be the most corrupt government ever. It's proven beyond any doubt that they have acted illegally. They have stolen taxpayers dollars by the millions, and wasted billions more. They are utterly out of touch with ordinary Canadians, and display nothing but contempt for us. Yet they still have support. How can that be? All I can think of is that they just keep repeating their lies - and there are people out there who believe them.

One of the oft repeated lies is that Harper and the CPC are "scary." I actually had someone tell me that if the CPC ever came into power, they would set women's rights back to the dark ages. How is that even possible? It isn't, but that person was utterly convinced of this "truth."

Another lie that's being continually repeated is that voters don't want a Christmas election. Or that voters don't want to vote in the winter. (or the summer, either, apparently) After all these years of turning Christmas into a politically correct "winter holiday," banning the phrase "Merry Christmas" lest some other religious group be insulted, suddenly Christmas is so sacred, we can't have an election? Someone had better stop to smell just what it is they're shoveling. Everyone I've spoken to can hardly wait for an election. Personally, I'd hit the polling stations on Christmas Day in the middle of a blizzard, if that's what was needed to vote our current government out of office. Yet, because this lie is being repeated so often, people are actually thinking it matters. I read one letter to the editor today that astounded me. The writer blamed the opposition parties for the looming election (as if the Gomery Inquiry and two decades of Liberal corruption had nothing to do with it) and actually said that if he had to go out into the cold to vote, he would vote Liberal just to pay them (the opposition parties) a lesson. How idiotic can one get?

Right now, I just hope enough of these idiots choose to stay home rather then go out "into the cold" and vote Liberal. Then maybe - must maybe - this country can have a real government again.