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Monday, August 01, 2005

Another dud...

Well, my second day of the sale was even worse than the first. I'm just amazed by how few people came out. I guess everyone was going to the festival or the beach or something. I've decided to just keep having them every weekend. I've got to get rid of this stuff, and I've got to raise more funds for the move, so I don't have much choice.

I've never particularily enjoyed having these things. I know people who hold garage sales every weekend of every summer - the troll other garage sales to pick up new stuff to sell at their own. It's a way of making some extra pocket money for them, rather than needing to get rid of excess and un-needed items. I doubt I'd have the patience for that. I couldn't put up with the idiots that often. :-P

The majority of people who come to these are nice enough, but you just have to wonder at the gaul of some others. I've had people show up the day before, expecting me to open my doors just for them. "I came all the way from X to be here..." they whine, even though X is only a 10 minute drive away. Funny, the people who came out from Y, which was almost an hour away, wheren't complaining.

Then there's the ones who ignore my signs saying that only the stuff in a certain area are available. This house has been used by my family for quite some time to store stuff, so some of the things in the room I'm using for the sale aren't mine to sell. I've also not finished sorting through things, while others are missing pieces I'm still looking for, etc. So I basically walled off an area with shelves and stuff an tried to make it at clear at possible that the stuff behind it isn't for sale.

Now, some people are making honest mistakes. They start digging around, then notice the signs or I tell them and they get kind of embarressed, apologise and start looking elsewhere. I've got no problem with that and pretty much expected it. No, what gets me are the people who litterally fight their way through the "wall" I created to get at the stuff behind it, and when I tell them that area isn't part of the sale, they make snide little comments about how it should be, or how it's "too bad" I haven't gone through them yet.

Message to people who do this... I may be moving and need to sell things, Folks, but that doesn't give you the right to tell me what I should be selling, or the right to start going through personal stuff and get offended when I tell you to stop. If you don't like it, don't buy anything. I'll happily give nice customers a bargain, but if you're an a$$hole, I'd rather not sell anything to you at all!