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Monday, April 08, 2013

How to Refute Christianity: A Handy Guide

How to Refute Christianity: A Handy Guide

The Bible makes many claims that can be scientifically and philosophically tested – and if these claims are falsified, Christianity will crumble. So here is a handy guide I’ve developed for those who would like to refute Christianity.
This guide highlights the major testable Christian beliefs and provides suggestions on how the skeptic should go about the refutation process.
 One of these days, I'm going to have to write a post about my own journey from believer to non-believer to wishy-washy believer to being utterly and completely convinced of the Truth of Christianity.  When I finally took the time to examine Christianity through evidence, logic and argumentative reasoning, I simply could not come to any other conclusions and still be honest with myself.  I've applied the same standards to other ideologies and religions, and none have stood up to them.

I've had many try to confront me with claims that anyone who is religious is illogical, anti-science, etc.  Interestingly, while I learned to respond with rational arguments, evidence based claims and critical thinking, those who attack religion seem capable only of bombastic claims with no evidence to back them up (like saying that Jesus never existed, or that religion is the cause of all or the worst suffering in the world), derogatory insults and mocking statements (seriously, folks; can you not come up with anything more original that the Bearded White Guy in the Sky, Sky Fairy or Imaginary Friend?).

For a group that claims to have logic, reason and evidence on their side, they don't seem to know how to use any of it.

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  1. Hello Kunoichi... Yes, we all have our unique "journey" or path of life that we follow, and although mine has probably not varied as widely as yours has, I can surely empathasize with it... After all, simply living in the world and interacting with society (acquaintences, friends, and relatives), we naturally modify & develop differing viewpoints – unless we are "cloistered"... I've always been rather liberal and scientifically free-thinking as well as being a "staunch" Lutheran (ELCiC) – having attended a rural Collegiate/Bible Institution in the 60s in Saskatchewan... Several of my former class-mates with whom I've maintained contact (some are pastors) have quite diverse religious views – however we are all united as Christians. By the way, the church of my lifetime attendance is currently greatly diminishing after over 100 years of existence... Since retiring last Nov., our pastor emeretus has been directing many of our congregation to some excellent seminars, studies, and gatherings which guide people in how to actively participate in and lead worship services – Very edifying experiences...By the way, I share your dislike of "sheeple"...
    I'm Norm (but not a "normal" guy) and I'm interested in communicating some more with you via e-mail, if you're interested in that... I just happened to discover your blogs through an on-line Google search for an excellent old cook book that I have here... It's called "Recipes for Young Adults", and just today, I scanned it completely into a .PDF file. My copy was in very good shape, so the digitized version is very clear, and could easily be re-printed with a duplex laser printer – then restored into a booklet... Let me know if you're interested in receiving a digital copy of it... My e-mail address is In any case, if you have some other topics to share or discuss with me, feel free to e-mail... I must admit that I only Very Rarely respond to blogs, since I'm quite a slow 2-finger "peek & poke" typist... In anticipation of your response,


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