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Thursday, October 22, 2009

You know, folks, that he's not president anymore, right?

First, Calgary.  Then Edmonton, Saskatoon and now Montreal.  Former president George W. Bush has been doing speaking engagements.  At every venue, there have been protestors.

Police fend of protesters at Bush speech in Montreal

MONTREAL – As George W. Bush joked with a business crowd inside a historic hotel ballroom Thursday, hundreds of people outside the room cheered while he was being burned in effigy.
Police in riot gear and others on horseback held back a crowd of hundreds, including several people who tossed shoes at the Queen Elizabeth hotel in a demonstration of disdain for the man speaking inside.
Two protesters tried forcing their way through the line of shield- and baton-carrying police, were wrestled to the ground, and arrested.

What's funny is that, these are the same types of people who claim Pres. Obama is being treated so badly by those racist, redneck Republicans.  Can you imagine if protestors were doing the exact same thing in front of a venue Obama was speaking at?  But somehow, it's acceptable if the speaker is Bush.

These people seem to be forgeting that Bush isn't president anymore.  They're also ignoring the fact that Obama is continuing quite a few of the Bush policies these people are protesting.

Don't you just love double standards?

update:  For the point of view of someone who actually saw GWB speak, check out Dr. Roy's blog. Like every other review I've heard so far, the venue was sold out and GWB recieved several standing ovations.  All without teleprompters, too.

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