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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Going through my morning news, I noticed something curious at Google News headlines. I'm looking at the health tab, and this is what I'm seeing.

Top of the list (newest) is about Calgary hospital workers and H1N1. There are 8 related articles. It's only been posted 18 minutes ago, so it's not going to have a lot yet.

Obesity/H1N1: top one posted 5 hours ago, where 10 cases apparently is enough to make a connection between obesity and H1N1 severity, 2,757 related stories.

Next, we have stories on the isotope shortage, top one posted 3 hours ago, 413 related stories.

"Health workers told to shut up," from yesterday, 59 related articles.

"2730 breast cancer patients to be retested," from 2 days ago, 40 related articles.

"Workers' flu not linked to pandemic..." three days ago, 193 related articles.

Bpa found in glass baby food jars, from yesterday, 91 related articles...

On it does, down the list, with the numbers getting ever smaller.

So how is it that a bullsh*t article about obesity and H1N1 warrents over 2,700 stories, but all the others, including the ones also connected to H1N1, at most warrent a few hundred?

Curious, indeed!

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