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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This is lame!

Recently, my husband had to upgrade his Blackberry to something with a larger screen. He uses his phone constantly, mostly for work purposes, so it wasn't really something we could skimp on.

This left us with his old Blackberry, still perfectly usable. We've been wanting to get a cell phone for the girls for a while, so that we could give them a bit more independence. They didn't really want one, but they inherited it. We got a new number for the old Blackberry, in our elder daughter's name. NO ONE has this number by myself and my husband.

Just a few minutes ago, it started ringing. It was a spam phone call; a recorded message saying it was about her credit card and she had to call back right away!!!!!1! Of course, my daughter doesn't have a credit card.

How lame that a private number we go out of our way to keep that way is being called by spammers. She's only had it for a few weeks, too.


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