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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


To my fellow Canadians... have you voted yet?

Do you even know who you're going to vote for? Do you know what you're voting for?

After reading this article, I have sympathy for the folks at the polling stations.

I have been avoiding talking about the election. I've been disgusted by the antics displayed by most of the party leaders. Their various reps haven't been much better. I don't belong to any particular party, nor to I see myself ever agreeing with any one of them enough to do so.

I've never voted NDP. My disenchantment with them began before I was old enough to vote. Growing up in central Manitoba, the NDP were the party of choice where I lived. My family always voted NDP. Then one year, they won. Ed Brodbent was in. Everyone was so thrilled! Things were going to change for the better, we thought. Then the reality of an NDP government set in. They do enough damage provincially. I would never want them federally. Especially now, with "Taliban Jack" at the helm.

I'm pretty sure I've voted Liberal at some point. It would've been many years ago. Then we had the Chretien years, followed by Paul Martin. As if they weren't bad enough, now they've got Dion at the helm. Heaven help us if he ever gets into the PMO.

I used to vote Green, back when they were fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Now with May at the helm, they're just socialist. She's been a disaster for the party. Aside from her swollowing the AGW theme, hook line and sinker, at the expense of real environmental issues, her working relationship with Dion just muddies things even more. Vote strategically, even if it means voting Liberal! No, I didn't really mean that. Vote Green. Unless you vote Liberal. The Green Party itself has had to issue official statements to counter the crap she's been spewing.

So that leaves the Conservatives, but I don't like a lot of what they've been doing, either. I don't like how they've flipped on the AGW side of things after they got into office. They're plan to tackle "climate change" isn't any better than the Liberal Green Shift. There's a few other areas that I'm not happy with their performances.

Locally, I don't even had a fringe party I could vote for. It's just these four. So I look at the local individuals and wonder, which of these people would I want to represent me in Ottowa?

Unfortunately, that doesn't really make it any easier.

I voted anyways, and I hope it was a good choice. My husband still has no idea who he'll vote for. Last election, he finally just gave up and didn't vote at all.

Sometimes, I feel the same way.

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