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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How disgusting can anyone get? (updated)

PETA once again demonstrates what a sick, twisted bunch of idiots they are.

PETA tries to run ad comparing Manitoba beheading to animal rights abuses

Kudos to the paper for not running the ad.

Update: Speaking of sick and twisted, we've got the idiots from Westboro Baptist Church wanting to picket the funeral! These people call themselves Christians?!? They had to get creative to get a group across the border, after one group was turned away. Winnipegers won't stand for them. Makes me proud of my former home.


  1. You know, it's almost like they've just become a bad punch line over the years. :-(

  2. I posted on this same subject yesterday. PETA is a joke.

  3. littleblackduck6:58 AM

    I commented on the same thing yesterday - I lumped both groups together, since I don't care if one is left-wing and one is right-wing - they're both full of whack jobs.
    I think you have to be a complete sociopath to even think of doing what the people in either of these two groups were attempting to do.


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