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Friday, July 25, 2008

Good for all that ail's ya...

You know, as I've been reading various articles, columns, letters to the editor and opinion pieces about AGW, I've noticed that AGW has been a real Godsend for many groups. It really is good for all that ails ya.

For the Malthusians, the solution to AGW is population control. Give condoms to poor people in Africa to stop climate change. Get sterilized to save the planet.

For the anti-meat crowd, solving the climate crisis is as easy as going vegan.

For the anti-oil, coal and nuclear power crowds, we can save the planet by being forced to use wind and solar power and CFL bulbs.

For the ant-prosperity groups, we can solve all the world's problems by not buying anything and going back to those idyllic, halcyeon days of scratching out a living in the dirt, like what so many destitute people in third world countries (with no lack in 2nd and 1st world countries, either) have been trying to escape from.

Don't like urban living? Solve AGW by living off the land. Don't like that humans are encroaching on wildlife? Do your part to stop AGW by living in crowded cities and multi-dwelling complexes.

AGW has sure been a bonanza for so many!

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  1. littleblackduck7:01 AM

    I'd add racists - along with Mathusians when it comes to population control...
    Or as PJ O'Rourke summed up the attitude these people have, plenty of me, way to much of you


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