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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My daughter is silly

(and so am I!)

Eldest accompanied me to a business meeting, and while waiting for it to begin, we sat in the hall, having an energy drink. As we were reading the ingredients list on the can, we noticed the bit where it read "0 sugars, 1 carb"

We both pretty much had the same image of the one, lonely little carb floating around in the can, saying "drink me! drink me!" in a tiny, high pitched voice.

Then Eldest, choking back laughter, tells me that her visual image of this lonely little carb was something like a sperm, wiggling around - then demonstrated by sticking out her finger and wiggling it past my face.

That was it for me! I could hardly stop laughing all night! Every now and then, one of us would look at the other, then stick out a wiggling finger. Or, with wide-eyed sympathy, whisper "just one, lonely little carb..."

Everyone else at the meeting must've thought we were quite the jovial pair! LOL

What a hoot!

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