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Friday, March 30, 2007

Another reason I want a car again...

Today, we had another experience that reminded me of why I want to get away from using public transit and have a car again.

Aside from hanging around in filthy bus stops (street dirt, I can handle, but when you can't see through the windows as much from the spit as from the dirt, that's a whole new level) and dodging panhandlers, we witnessed another incident today.

The girls and I were about to transfer buses. I wasn't completely sure it would take us to where we were going, so I waited until everyone else got on before going to ask the driver if he stopped where we needed. One of the last people to get on in front of me was obviously agitated and sort of pushing herself ahead of people to get onto the bus. As she went past me, I heard her muttering something about "asshole" but I couldn't tell who it was directed at. I didn't think much of it until later.

The bus was pretty full, so the girls and I were in the front, and I found myself sitting in one of the sideways seats, facing another sideways seat, where they can be folded up to accommodate wheelchairs and the like. After a few stops, the people across from me left. Almost immediately, a very unhappy, hunted looking man moved from the back somewhere and sat across from me - followed closely by the woman I'd noticed earlier. She was highly agitated while talking to this guy, pushing and pulling at him, swearing, and loudly demanding that he "just give me my prescription." She would vacillate between angry and demanding, to begging and weeping. The guy was looking pretty desperate, saying things like "go away, Lady. Leave me alone." He soon got up to ask the bus driver to call security because "this lady" wouldn't leave him alone. She angrily and loudly swore at him, said "you're my room mate" and continued to demand her prescription "or I'm going to call my doctor." She seemed to think this guy was her room mate, but he seemed to have no idea who she was at all. The driver happened to be pulling up to a stop, so the guy got off before any call could be made.

She followed.

Looking out the window as we pulled away, wondering if I should be calling 911, I could see her pulling and smacking at this guy. He tried to push her away and get away, but she kept at him... and then I could no longer see them.

Everyone else on the bus was looking a bit wide eyed over this, and I noticed Youngest, sitting facing me, was looking rather alarmed. I said to her "that was kind of scary, wasn't it?" Her response.

"I'm just hoping there won't be another murder!"

WTF do you say to that? Especially since her observation was totally valid.

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