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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Tonight I was on my way to a business meeting and had to take a cab. Seeing a cab in front of our building, I went to find out if it was the one I'd called. I open the door and...


... I somehow manage to smack myself right in the eye with the corner of the door! Twisted my glasses all out of shape, and I'm developing quite a shiner right now.


The meeting was great, though! LOL


  1. So sorry! Was it the cab you called or did you hit yourself and still have to wait for your cab?

  2. LOL - yes, it was my cab. The driver so upset for me, too! As if he could've done anything to prevent it. *L* He kept asking if I was alright. Meanwhile, I was more worring about my glasses.

    Oh, and it's very dramatic right now. All along the crease of my eye, it's bright purple and red. Still swollen, too. At least it doesn't really hurt anymore. It almost looks like make up, actually.


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