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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I can't believe this!!!

Also in today's news, this time the Edmonton Sun.

Sovereigntists promote separation in schools
Publish teachers' guide to independence

MONTREAL — The blue Fleur-de-lis flies over a torn Maple Leaf in Activity One of a new lesson plan aimed at helping teachers promote Quebec independence, setting the tone right from kindergarten in a book launched by leading sovereigntists on Wednesday.

There is little chance Let’s Talk about Sovereignty at School will find its way soon into the official Quebec curriculum, but the publisher has run off thousands of copies in French with the help of a grant from the government of Canada.

Yes, you read that right. Thanks to our former government, our tax dollars were used to promote materials to brainwash children and help break up our country!

The book’s promoters, including a leading sovereigntist group and publishing house Les Intouchables, hope teachers will shell out $9.95 for a series of ideas to push their cause in the classroom.

Here's hoping those teachers aren't willing to fork over their own cash for this!

The first lesson suggests elementary school students prepare decorations for Fete nationale — a major holiday and a rallying point for Quebec nationalists.

Artwork by a child shows smiling revellers admiring a Quebec flag cutting through the Maple Leaf, with a traditional Fete nationale bonfire burning in the background.

The publishers insist the book is not propaganda but is meant as a counter-balance to reams of federal propaganda they argue stream into Quebec classrooms commemorating events like the Terry Fox Run or the anniversary of the RCMP.

“Unlike those things, this document is transparent, it does not hide behind any pretext,” said Gerald Larose, president of the Conseil de la souverainete.

According to Mr. Larose, the Terry Fox Run, now an international event that's helped raise millions of dollars to help battle cancer, and the anniversary of the RCMP, Canada's national police force, are nothing more than hidden federal propaganda!!

The professionalism of teachers will ensure the document is not used as propaganda, Larose said, but as a tool to spark debate and make children think about politics and civic affairs.

We're talking about kids in *kindergarten* here! That's not "sparking debate." That's brainwashing, molding future little seperatists, regardless of what their parents actually want.

There are no plans to publish the book in English.

Go figure. Anyone who tried would probably be arrested for breaking Quebec's language laws or something, anyways.

Quebec’s education minister mocked the lesson plan as a publicity stunt to raise funds for the independence group.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest took the matter more seriously, saying the attempt to indoctrinate children is scandalous.

“I’m stunned and disappointed that there are still people in Quebec that think this way,” Charest told the legislature in Quebec City.

“It’s like something we have already seen in the old countries of eastern Europe. It’s scandalous, what’s in that book.”

I'm glad the Mr. Charest is taking this seriously. This sort of manipulation of children is disgusting. It's right up there with the day care workers using their charges to hold placards at demonstrations.

Several lessons in the book deal with the many ways the government of Canada intrudes on Quebec provincial affairs. The guide also describes the ways Quebec’s contribution to federal coffers are blown on the Queen, the Governor General, the army, and other institutions.

Hmmm... let's just forget the billions of taxpayers' dollars that have been funnels to Quebec of the last several decades, propping up companies like Bombardier, or moving company headquarters to Quebec, even when other cities had made better bids or make more business sense, or the subsidizing of their daycare system (a moneypit that should send any fiscally responsible person running screaming at the mere mention of a "national" daycare system), etc. Oh, and we'll just continue to ignore the draconian French language laws that prevent the use of English, even while the rest of Canada is expected to be bilingual.

With this sort of manipulation of the province's educational system, no wonder it's so difficult for people to home school in the province. Heaven forbid, parents might actually raise kids who believe they live in a country called Canada.

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