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Monday, October 10, 2005

Back again...

Another long time between posts, but that should be the last long break for a while. I *finally* have a computer desk, so I can actually type. Until now, the computer's been set up on boxes and bins - some of it rather precariously, I might add. Between the discomfort of using the computer as it was set up and the kids both wanting their own time on the machine, posting just wasn't happening.

Meanwhile, this desk is about the only real piece of furniture we've got, still! The family and I were going to do the rent-to-own thing to get some basic pieces. Just enough to make things a bit more comfortable, until we could save up to buy more cash-upfront. This is something we've done before about 17 years ago, when we were first starting out together, and we didn't expect any problems.

My God, how things have changed!

First of all, it's a lot more expensive than it used to be. Sure, rent-to-own cost more back when we did it last time, but it wasn't double, like it is now!!

That, however, wasn't what killed it for us. What did it was the application form. Now, this was one of those "no one turned down" deals - good credit, bad credit, everyone gets accepted. Which is what we needed, considering the ruin of our finances over the past 2 years. The form included the expected stuff - personal contact info, employment and income info, that sort of thing. Even the request for references wasn't unexpected. That at least 3 had to be family was a bit odd, but we could live with that. Then it got ridiculous.

Not only did they want the names of the references with contact information - a reasonable request - but they wanted to know what their occupations were, what their income was, who their employers were and contact info for their employers!! Excuse me??? Asking us that info, sure - we're the ones applying, after all. But to expect such detailed information about our families, too? Forget it! We'll keep sleeping on the floor, thank you very much! When the salesman came back to ask how we were doing, Dh told him (politely, I might add) just what we thought of the info they required, then tore the form up right in front of the guy. No way, no how are we going to give up our families personal information like that. Heck, I don't consider some of it any of *our* business, never mind theirs. I have no idea what the income is for *any* of my family members, nor to I want to.

So, we continue to make do. Dh and I at least have the futon mattress - the metal couch/bed frame is useless as it bent in a couple of spots in the first couple of months Dh used it. The girls have their own padded set up. During the day, the futon gets put back on the frame and we use it as a couch. We picked up a few folding chairs and that's about it. It's not the first time we've made do like this, but at least this time we know we'll be here in this apt. for about 2 years, and in our new city for even longer, so we can plan long term. The last time we went through this, we expected to be in the new city for only 6 months. We ended up being there for 2 years. Not fun!

The best thing for all this is that the car finally got reposessed. Yes, that is a good thing for us. We still don't know *why* it got reposessed. We'd made the arrangements and hadn't missed or been late for a payment since, so it was quite the surprise when Dh got a call from a sheriff. Then it gets really weird. The sheriff said he'd been looking for the car at Dh's home address and place of work. I think he had the home address correct, but the place of work was someplace none of us had ever heard of before. Then, Dh couldn't get through to the number given to him to find out why it was being reposessed, but really, we didn't care at that point. We'd told them to take the car the *last* time they threatened to reposes it, only to find out they were bluffing. Instead, Dh told the sheriff when and where he could get the car once we arrived.

When the day came, it was cleared out, the plates were off, and Dh was waiting for the sheriff to haul it away. It was probably the most peaceful rep job the guy's ever had. LOL He really didn't seem to know what to make of it. What he didn't know was that, between the inflated monthly car payments we were making, the cost of insurance, maintenance and the cost of fuel (and that's *before* the prices went freaky), loosing the car is freeing up almost $1000 a month! Since we now have rent, we really need that money. It'll go a long way to clearing up the last of our debts and getting us back on our feet. We can always get another car later on, if we need it. Until then, we have public transit, and that's good enough for us!

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