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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Either, or

Social media makes it extremely easy to share things.  With just a click on a link, you can pass on all sorts of things to all your friends, followers and so on.

Taking advantage of this, people make all sorts of graphics specifically to be shared.  Some include only text, or quotes with relevant (or not) images.  They can be funny, silly, thought provoking or heartbreaking.  Some announce to the world that the individual sharing it believes in a particular faith, holds a certain political viewpoint, or just likes cute, fuzzy animals.

What seems to be very popular are graphics that juxtapose two extreme images, then make a statement comparing them in such a way as to point out the flaws of particular concept.  These can actually be done well, pointing out how illogical a situation or some such is.  I've shared the odd one myself, though rarely.  Why?  Because more often then not, they are not only done poorly, but they reveal the maker (and the sharers) to be ... well, let's just say critical thinking isn't their strong point.  Either that or they so favour the supposed message, they're willing to overlook all sorts of logical fallacies to score their point.

Among the ones I've seen recently are silly ones comparing Occupy camps with customers camping overnight in store parking lots, or a particularly obnoxious one that insisted that Republicans/Teabaggers have to chose between Ayn Rand and Jesus Christ, but they can't like both, because Rand hated religion and Jesus said it's hard for rich people to get into heaven.  There's just a whole lot of stupid being demonstrated with these things.

Today I saw another one that had me shaking my head.  The original text was in Spanish, I believe, but the version I saw was a translation into English.  On the left was a photo of two men, lips almost touching, eyes closed and half-closed, about to engage in a passionate kiss.  On the right is this photo.