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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Remember, occupiers; this is what you wanted

Ah, the logical inconsistencies and magical thinking of the occupiers.

Groups of people squat illegally on public and private land in cities all over the place.  They openly call for revolution and our very own version of an "Arab spring."  When told to leave, they repeatedly refuse.  Their cause is greater than law and order, apparently.  They seem downright offended that anyone should expect them to leave (and equally offended when these freeloaders discover that homeless people have been sharing their bounty).  In their magical world, they should be free to break whatever laws and regulations they want, with impunity, and the rest of the world should bow down to their wisdom and do all the stuff they want us to.

The more fanatical among them have been looking for their Kent State moment, and they got it.  I expect them to milk this for every drop of sympathy they think they can get.  Oh, the outrage!  The brutality!  Never mind that they were repeatedly told to leave.  Never mind they had plenty of warning.  Now, someone is injured - an Iraq war hero, no less (let's forget that these are the often same people who otherwise consider soldiers to be brutal killers of innocents, acting on the orders of that warmongering GWB).  Now they've got their bloodied hero to wave before us all, claiming victim hood (I'm sure it would have been much better for your cause if he'd been killed).  Those evil, evil police, terrorizing peaceful protesters. 

h/t Moonbattery

Peaceful protesters?

If you are truly peaceful, pack up your tents, clean up your mess and go home.  Then get proactive about change by doing something effectual.  I realize this might involve something you don't believe you should have to do - namely, work.  Believe it or not, work is not a dirty word, though from what I've heard from occupiers, such things are beneath you. 

The world does not owe you anything, no matter what your Marxist professors and liberal/progressive teachers seem to have taught you. 

And our cities are not required to bend to your will, allowing you to break our laws, because you think your cause demands it.  You have been shown far more leeway and patience than you deserve. 

If you repeatedly break the law, while making it clear you have no intention of obeying the law, while calling for "revolution" and so on, what the heck to you expect to happen?  Do you really believe that the rest of the world will just sit on their hands, letting you continue having your little power struggle?  Then when they finally come to arrest you, you act all surprised, resist and people get arrested, bloodied, bruised and even seriously injured.  Why do you even pretend to be surprised by this?  This is what you've been asking for.  This has been what you've wanted all along.

This is your revolution, folks.  And in revolutions, people get hurt.  People get arrested.  People get killed. 

From what I've been hearing, this is what you've been after all long.

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