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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Okay, I did NOT want to blog about politics and the election.  There is so much BS out there, I just want to keep my blood pressure even and ignore it all - at least when it comes to the increasingly rare times I'm squeezing out to actually write a blog post. 

As far as this election goes, it's over for me.  I've already voted.  So has Eldest and Raider King.  It was the first vote for both of them.  Eldest was really itching to get herself registered to vote.  Raider King probably wouldn't have bothered if we hadn't brought it up! *L*  But it's done.  Our votes are cast, along with two million plus other early voters. 

Of course, the only way to avoid electioneering is to never go on the computer, turn on the tv or talk to anyone for the next while.  Not gonna happen.  Well, except maybe the tv part.

I'm still managing to see far more about the election than I want, and it's driving me bonkers.  I can't believe how easily those self-proclaimed supporters of democracy on the left are doing everything they can to manipulate this election.  The Catch 22 idiots are bad enough - this is the group that has identified 22 ridings that are risky for the CPC, so they're trying to convince people in those areas to vote for the candidate they belief is in the best position to beat the CPC candidate, rather than, you know, voting for the person or party they actually believe in.  Yesterday I heard about "vote swapping."  Here, people agree to vote for a particular party they don't support, in exchange for someone voting for their preferred party in another riding, so long as the candidate they do vote far has a chance of beating the CPC candidate.

How is that even legal?

Meanwhile, the media, whether it's the MSM or people using social media, is actively pursuing campaigning, publicising and endorsing "anyone but Harper."  The MSM isn't even trying to hide their bias anymore, and it's sickening.  Look, what private people do with their groups and blogs and tweets and facebook pages is up to them.  Editorially, newspapers can endorse whoever they choose.  But when the actual news is blatantly against one particular party, either by whitewashing the Libs or NDP, or ignoring stories completely.  If it weren't for SNN, the "other" stations wouldn't have even touched the story of Ignatieff being booed for 2 minutes at a hockey game, and how many stories are you hearing about CPC signs being vandalized in between the ones about the Lib and NDP signs being vandalized?  They barely even mentioned the Lib who took Green pamphlets and dumped them into the recycling bin and replaced them with Lib pamphlets.

The folks I know on the left, meanwhile, are enthusiastically running with their own campaign of hate and paranoia about our PM and the right.  The BS they're throwing out is getting increasingly shrill and disturbing.  Of course, good old are busily trying to buy the election, and these folks are doing everything they can to help them out.

Well, they've accomplished one thing, at least.  They, more than anything else, has had me supporting the right of the political spectrum, even though some of my priorities would actually be considered left.  Well, not by these folks.  As far as they're concerned, it's either their way, which is reasonable, sunshine and roses (even as they spew hateful rhetoric) or RIGHTWINGCHRISTIANWHACKJOBINSANEDIEDIEDIE!!!! 

Yeah.  This from the folks who claim moral superiority for their open mindedness and tolerance. 

Which wouldn't bother me, except for that whole manipulation of democracy thing.

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