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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Still laughing - except I'm not supposed to find it funny

Ah, my anti-conservative facebook friends.  They've been providing me with so much blog fodder lately!  What would I do with out them?  Life would certainly be less entertaining!

Today's scandal that's been shared back and forth on my news feed is this blog post about a Tea Party Children's Book, with various personal comments expressing shock, horror and disgust.  The writer is mocking the book, but I don't think he (or other anti-conservatives) have noticed what a mockery they're making of themselves.

I've never seen this book, but in reading the above post, I thought it was a hilarious parody of everything the political right is complaining about the left.  It sounds like something out of The Onion.  I don't know that I'd fork over $20 for it, but I think I'd get a kick out of reading the whole thing.

Of course, the anti-conservatives don't see it as funny.  But then, they don't think anyone on the right has a sense of humour, it seems.  What makes it even funnier for me is that, while they're sharing this blog post with each other and expressing their horror at those nasty, nasty Tea Partiers, if something like this had been written by a Democrat about McCain and Palin or against the Republican party in general, they would have been sharing it with each other with comments on how funny, yet truthful, it is.  Lord knows, they've shared and said viler things than this book over the years, though few as poorly written as this blog post.

Of course, one of the things they're upset about is that this is a children's book.  Do they think the writer told this story to them with a grave and serious face, like the father in this ad?  Personally, I imagine a lot of funny faces and voices, and kids laughing hysterically.  The leftists seem to prefer giving their kids nightmares.  Mind you, they seem to be okay with blowing them up, too - that is, if they don't turn into little eco-spies, first.

If this satirical parody of a book is the worst the anti-conservatives can come up with, the right doesn't have much to worry about.  The leftists, on the other hand, don't seem to realize how much they're making fools of themselves, or how badly their antics are driving folks in the middle toward the right.

They've certainly done it with me.

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