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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A question

I have a question for all the people who were so quick to jump on the anti-Israeli bandwagon.

Now that it's become obvious that the whole "peace flotilla" thing was a set up, how does it feel, knowing you were so easily duped by terrorists and anti-Semites?


  1. Thank you. Yes, it's so true. There are those who just wait for any opportunity, even if it doesn't exist, to find any reason to justify their underlying anti-semitism. And these people would be astonished to discover the true reasons for their rock solid opinions of Israel.
    Nothing new there, but the frustration and sadness for us is new every day.

  2. I wonder, sometimes, about those true reasons. Where I'm seeing the most vehement anti-Israeli sentiment is from people who hold themselves as being oh-so-tolerant, open minded and without prejudice, yet their closed mindedness and prejudice when it comes to Israel is staggering. Heaven forbid that double standard gets pointed out to them - which is one of the reasons I keep this blog anonymous!


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