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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still chugging along...

The last couple of weeks have been pretty mixed up.  We've had some good stuff - like Eldest successfully grabbing a spot for an upcoming, local 3 day art festival, where she'll be setting up a display to sell her art for the first time.  Our co-op is having a spring garage sale, and we'll be having a table.  I've had quite a few people telling me I should sell my crafts, so I'll have a few things I've been crocheting for sale to sort of test the waters.

Youngest has had her last voice lesson for the school year.  She's done well and learned a lot, but she's decided not to continue the lessons.  She says she wants to do something like mechanics, instead.  Need to figure out how do arrange that for her. 

It's been an incredibly rough time for Dh.  His back gave out on him again.  For a while, he was in so much pain, he was nauseous and dizzy.  It's hard to imagine how frustrating it must be for him - too much pain to stand up straight, lie down, or even sit down, for any length of time.  He missed a lot of work because of it, then the dr. wrote him up for medical leave to give him more time to heal.  He's gone for another round of Xrays, and he has his first physio this week.  I'm really hoping his current insurance plan covers the physio.  The plan he had with his last employer didn't cover mine when I injured my arm.  The initial consultation is covered by medicare, but not anything beyond that.  At least in the next little, the taxes taken off his pay will max out, so he take home pay will increase.  Whether or not it'll be enough to cover the cost if insurance doesn't cover it will depend on just how often he's going to have to go in for treatment. 

Meanwhile, he's still struggling.  The painkillers don't seem to be helping much.  He's a bit better than before - he's no longer fighting pain-induced nausea, at least.  Or he's just not telling me about it anymore.

I wish there was something I could do to help him out, but there's really nothing.

So we're all just chugging along.  What else can we do?

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