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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Life support?

You know, I've getting really tired of Ignatieff's bluster.

Iggy says Tories on "life support"

SUDBURY — Michael Ignatieff says the Harper government is on “life support” — and he sounds like he may be ready to pull the plug.

The Liberal leader kicked off a summer caucus retreat Monday on a hawkish note, suggesting he’s keener to force a fall election than some of his strategists.

“We’ve kept this government on life support for 10 months,” Ignatieff said, noting that Liberals supported last January’s recession budget despite deep reservations.

“But in June I made it clear that in a whole number of areas, the government’s performance was letting Canada down and it hasn’t got better over the summer.”

Ever since Ignatieff has taken the Liberal leadership chair, he's been threatening to tear down the federal government. The problem is that all but the must delusional of his supports know that the Libs are in no position to do anything of the sort right now. It would be political suicide. So all he can really do is bluster and threaten. I keep getting this image in my mind of one of those old cartoons, where a tiny little dog is gnawing away on somebody's ankle, to no effect but a little irritation.

What I find really interesting is the language used when he's making these statements. They make it sound like the Libs are the ones with the actual power, and they're just letting the CPC stay in office. The reality is that Ignatieff and his Liberals are quite impotent right now. It makes me wonder who they're trying to convince that they're really so all-powerful that they can bring down the government at a whim - us voters, or themselves.

Personally, I'm finding that the more Ignatieff opens his mouth, the less I can take him seriously.

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