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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Monty Python's spam skit is stuck in my head.

This morning, I opened my email to 119 messages. About 110 of those were spam.

I have to admit that some of it is probably my own fault. I signed up with some survey companies. While I don't think Angus Reid or Ipsos have a lot to do with it, some of the others might. A lot of the spam I getting is product promotions, or gift card promos ("get this [store name] gift card by signing up for 5 different products!!!" Yeah, sure... I'll spend $200 for a $50 gift card). Huge amounts of acia berry/weight loss spam. Then there's the "get out of debt" and "get your degree online" spam. The odd "lonely wives" spam makes its way through.

The frustrating thing is that you can't even opt out of these, because if you use the "unsubscribe" links on the bottom of a lot of these, all you're doing is verifying that your email address is actually a good one, and your spam will increase.

Why I got this sudden burst of spam today, I have no idea.

Oh, look - another 5 spam out of 6 emails. I checked my email just before I started this post, so that's in less than 5 minutes since I cleared my inbox.

Gee, I wonder if I should become a CSI investigator or take a short term loan?

I think not.

Now, if I could just get that song out of my head...

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