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Sunday, November 02, 2008

To my friends in the US.

The big day is coming for you folks in the US. Two more days to the election. Things are getting pretty intense! And, the whole world seems to be watching.

In reading my daily news, the general consensus around the world seems to be that Obama will be the next president of the US. Of course, if you've been reading my blog on any regular basis, you know what I think of consensus. ;-) Don't count your votes before they're cast!

I've also noticed that around the world, people seem to want US voters to elect Obama instead of McCain. To me, this would be a warning sign to do the exact opposite. The rest of the world doesn't have the US' best interests at heart. They have their own best interests at heart. I admit my own bias in that direction. I disagree with a lot of things on both sides of the US political front, but I believe McCain would be better for Canada, and that Obama would be really bad for us.

But I'm not voting in this election. It's up to US citizens to decide.

Whoever you end up electing, I wish you the best.

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  1. Thanks! It has been a hard couple of years politically here. I was hoping for different results, but I realize what a historical event in history this is for Obama. I am more then willing to give him a chance and pray he does what is best for all. I watched all the coverage last night. I do find it funny that all the republicans that have been interviewed have said the same. We are all hoping at this point for the best and hope he does well because the good of the country is much more important then ill feelings. What a contrast to the last 8 years of hearing "Bush isn't my president and never will be", "he stole the election" and those are the nice reactions. The media coverage here in the US has been so bad. I can't even watch the regular news anymore; I just don't trust the reporting.

    I agree with you, the world was hoping for this outcome. Just remember, even though he won, 48% of Americans voted for McCain. With all the problems the US has had in the last few years, if this election was a mandate on Bush being a bad president then why wasn’t it a landside? I tend to think the Republican Party did not stick to its conservative values and that lost the election.

    Just my humble opinion :)


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