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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ice and snow

There are quite a few recent articles about glaciation recently. Here's just a sampling.

From the Globe and Mail, we have
Antarctic ice sheet shrinking at faster rate.

This article claims that the Antarctic ice sheet has been shrinking, while most other reports show that, other than on the peninsula (2% of the entire continent), temperatures on Antarctica have been either the same or dropping, and that there's been a net *increase* of ice mass.

From the Chicago Tribune, we have
This South Pole base uplifting.

This article describes the extra efforts made to extend the useful life of this new station so that it doesn't get buried in ice, like the first two stations.

Then there's this article, from the New York Times.
Study Says Glaciers Formed During a Very Warm Period

Here, findings show that glaciers formed 90 million years ago, during a period when alligators and tropical trees thrived in the Arctic.

And finally, from Daily Tech.
Glaciers in the Greenhouse: Polar Ice Might Have Little to do with Global Warming.

Here, they discuss data that provides evidence of glaciers *increasing* during the Cretaceous Thermal Maximum.

Some interesting reading.


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