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Monday, December 03, 2007

A little thing called integrity - they don't have it.

I've made no secret that I have a low opinion of the UN. I've come to believe it's probably the most corrupt organization in the world - a noble idea gone terribly wrong. The UN has no integrity left anymore, and do more harm than good. As such, I can't understand those who seem to put the UN on some sort of pedestal, and am alarmed by those who suggest the UN should have even more power over the world. In my opinion, we'd be better off disbanding the UN completely, and this is just another example of why.

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The UN often exaggerates issues it thinks are worthwhile, be it AIDS, global warming, refugees, hunger, children, poverty, etc. It doesn't do this recklessly or by accident, but to force awareness on an otherwise apathetic public, to raise money for whatever the cause is.

As for the exaggeration of the AIDS "pandemic," especially in Africa, AIDS author Helen Epstein told the Washington Post that the UN's "tendency towards alarmism fit a certain fundraising agenda."

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