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Friday, October 05, 2007


Obligatory disclaimer...

The girls and I are waiting at a bus stop to go home (and waiting... and waiting...) when a young woman walks buy. She's wearing a t-shirt visible under her open jacket. It shows a cartoon popsicle with a face on it, next to the caption "I hate global warming."

Being the sh*tdisturber I sometimes am, I immediately thought of an alternative t-shirt design. Picture lush greenery and baskets of colourful fruits and vegetables surrounding the caption "We love CO2." Then we came up with an image of glittering diamonds with the caption "Carbon is a girls' best friend."

Youngest really wants a t-shirt with that one. *L*

Then Eldest came up with the idea of a cartoon CO2 molecule holding a protest sign that reads "Molecules Against Gasism!"

We could have fun with this!


Anyone else have ideas they'd like to share?


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