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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holy Moly!

Just a brief note for now.

I never really thought to question the accuracy of temperature readings used to come up with averages all that much. I knew there were obvious variations. When living in MB, I would look up the weather forecasts for Gimli, because the Gimli weather station was closest to us. I then automatically adjusted it by a degree or two, owing to the fact that Gimli was a lot closer to Lake Winnipeg then we were, and that can make a huge difference in temperature in even a short distance. I always pictured the weather stations to be much like the one we drove past every time we drove by the Gimli Airport. It was in a large fenced off area, and you could clearly see all the equipment spaced well apart from any sheds and outbuildings that were part of the complex, which in turn was surrounded by open space. Even another weather station we passed along the way, which was simply a post at a fence with a few gadgets attached, was in a completely open area. I never imagined things like what's photographed here!

No wonder the numbers don't make sense!

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