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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

getting downright ticked...

Please excuse the following selfish venting... just need to blow of some steam.

Last week, we decided to upgrade our internet service to something that will be faster, and will allow us to use multiple computers and wireless internet, keeping in mind that we are planning to buy a new computer in the future. This new upgraded service requires a new modem, which we were told would arrive either friday or monday by Canada Post.

Nothing on friday.

Monday involved a lot of running around, but packages get delivered in the afternoon, so we hung around as long as possible before heading out again, knowing my husband would be home soon to recieve any packages.

Nothing arrived. No notices to say we missed the delivery, either.

Called our ISP. It's on it's way. Our upgraded service was to begin on monday, but without the new modem, we won't see a difference.

Tuesday. No modem. We have, however, been having major problems with our connections. Is it because our computer is on its last legs, or because of the new service? Until we get the modem, we won't know.

Today. Still nothing. Dh calls our ISP. They do a trace.

Canada Post tells them the package arrived on monday, it couldn't be delivered, so the left it at the post office. The post office is in our building. I'd phoned the post office and asked if a package had been left and it hadn't, but it was possible the package arrived later. Dh got an item number, so I go to the post office (twice, because they were still closed the first time I tried) and gave the number.

There's no package.

Not only is no package listed in the book, but I was told the driver was missed on monday - which usually means there were no packages for the driver to leave behind. She promised to look for the package manually, in case it didn't get listed in the book for some reason (highly unlikely) and would call me back in about an hour to let me know if it was there.

There's no package.

So here we have a trace done at the post office, saying that our package is supposed to be sitting at the post office downstairs. The post office downstairs has no record of the package ever arriving.

And we still have no modem.

My husband is talking to our ISP right now, and they're *still* trying to tell us it's at the post office. He's getting the run around as I type.

Someone, somewhere, is BSing, and from what we've done so far to trace the package, it looks to be someone at Canada Post.

We'll see how it turns out. Meanwhile, I just hope I can upload this post without my connection suddenly cutting out again.


Well, the package finally arrived. While my dh was on the phone at work, tracking down someone in the shipping department at our ISP, then calling Canada Post to complain, I got a call from the post office downstairs. The package had just arrived. I was talking to dh on MSN at the time, so I wrote to him about it. As that was happening, the folks he was talking to were insisting that the package had been there since monday.

So I go downstairs - again - to pick it up, and was told that the driver said he'd tried to deliver it yesterday, but no one was home. I was home all day, and my husband was home all evening - at no point was there no one available to pick up the package!

When I got back and told this to my husband, he said that Canada Post had called the post office in our building and was told by the woman who runs it that she'd recieved it on monday, but had forgotten to scan it. Since I saw with my own eyes the packages she'd recieved today - including ours - there' s no way that could be true. Besides, even if she had forgotten to scan it, they claim to have tried to deliver it directly to us at least twice at time we were home. If they *had* tried and failed to deliver it to us, there should've been a notice, which didn't show up until today's mail (after I'd picked up the package). On top of that, I'd phoned the post office downstairs on monday, in the off chance they left it there but didn't leave me a notice. It's a small enough post office that she remembered my call, and even where the package was coming from.

Somebody it lying through their teeth, and it's not the woman who runs the post office downstairs!

But, we finally got the thing, and I installed it right away. Since then, our internet connection has been stable, so it looks like that problem has finally been solved. We're enjoying the improved speeds, too. Now, if my computer can just hold out until we can get another one... ;-)


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