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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just kidding around?!?!?

Man, I've heard of parents excusing some rather silly behaviour in their kids, teens and even adult children over the years, but this is rediculous!

The father of a teen accused of abducting a newborn baby from a maternity ward at Humber Regional River Hospital said his daughter "was just kidding around" and never expected to be charged.

This is the guy who's daughter was released on $10,000 bail and the following restrictions...

Trotter released Sukhdeo on several conditions, including prohibitions on drinking and associating with Saladino or any child under 10 years old, as well as a strict 11 p.m. curfew.

She's also banned from attending any "medical care facility" unless she has a medical need or is accompanied by a parent or grandparent.

Forget it, Dad. When it comes to other people's kids, there's no such thing as "just kidding around."

The article gives the co-accused's age at 19, but doesn't mention the age of this man's daughter. Since they've named her, she's at least 18. Teens, yes, but these two are legally adults. You'd think they'd know better.

Gee, maybe these two weren't put into daycare or ECE early enough when they were babies themselves.


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