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Thursday, April 13, 2006


When the Liberals decided to send our troops to Afghanistan as one of many countries taking part in this UN sanctioned mission, there was a debate in parliament. Hardly any MP's bothered to show up for it, and it was so low key, the average voting citizen doesn't seem to know it ever happened.

After the CPC forms a new government, suddenly there are loud calls to hold a debate over something that's already done, as if it were the CPC who'd sent our troops in the first place (I won't even try to figure out how or why so many of these people seem to be confusing the UN sanctioned Afghan mission with Iraq). The PM finally agrees and a date for the debate is set...

... and hardly any MPs bother to show up?

I would have expected there to be more MPs simply because they've been "on the job" for such a short time. You'd think, with parliament being in session for what?... less than 2 weeks? ... the majority of our elected MP's would at least *try * to show up for work. That point aside, from the loud cries to hold this debate in the first place, I would've expected the MP body count for this debate to have been the highest ever. After all, it was supposed to be such an important thing.

Apparently it wasn't as important to them as they made it out to be.

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